Innovators gather in Nashik in anticipation of the first Shahi Snan

Kumbhathon innovators have been working tirelessly over the past months to deploy their technologies for the Kumbha Mela, a massive religious festival underway in Nashik India. This week they are joined by the MIT team to polish results and welcome the pilgrims. The largest crowds are expected on August 29th when sadhus take the plunge and for the first shahi snan.

Pilgrims will notice many MIT innovations to make for smoother logistics during the festival. The Nashik Trimbak app will give people access information ranging from nearest pharmacy, to access to local hospitals to key dates and locations for the festival. Paired with the All Shops Online app visitors can access local vendors to see sales hours locations and goods offered.

The pop-up housing team boasts a two-story structure in sadhugram which is being used as a governmet office during the festival. Built from affordable hoists with fabric walls the structures are strong, comfortable, and easy to take apart and assemble allowing for use in future locations.

The 3D mapping team has 52 maps installed in key Kumbh areas. Taking into account the many languages of the visitors all important information is communicated in easily understandable icons and graphics.

Today staff from REDx Mumbai arrived to set up the Health and Technology pavilion. Located conveniently at the Bhausaheb Hiray Dental College near the entrance to sudhugram passing pilgrims will have an opportunity to enter and get 5 health diagnostics giving a patient and overall map of their personal health. The stations include vitals, cardio, ear, eye, and dental. Researchers anticipate the collected data will allow them to create an overall health map of India allowing for better understanding of the health risks that the communities are facing.

Many additional projects are also underway. Stay tuned to hear more from the innovators on their progress, hopes for this week, and their hopes for innovations in the future.

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